How to Understand people

This interactive workshop uses business psychology to help you to better understand both yourself and others, leading to improved levels of communication.

Using the Myers Briggs Type indicator as a framework, participants will learn how to assess personality types and how to communicate easily and effectively with everyone.

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Build exceptional rapport with everyone
  • Understand the reasons people react to us the way they do
  • Understand their own personality compared to others
  • Understand how they are different to others and learn to see things from others’ points of view
  • Understand how people use their different senses to assess others
  • Understand how to communicate easily with everyone on other peoples’ terms as well as their own
  • Greatly improve customer relationships

Course Outline
The course is based on The Myers Briggs Type Indicator and an understanding the four dichotomies of personality which are so important for effective communication:

Extraversion – Introversion
Sensing – Intuition
Thinking – Feeling
Judging – Perceiving

  • How to understand your own personality compared to others
  • How to understand the way we think compared to others
  • How to communicate easily with everyone
  • How to understand what energises you and others (Extroversion or Introversion)
  • How to understand the way you take in information compared to others (Sensing or Intuition)
  • How to understand how people make their decisions (Thinking or Feeling)
  • How to understand why you like to organise your life in a different way to others (Judging or Perceiving)
  • How you express your own type preferences in your natural communication style
  • How to easily use your “non-preferred” style to improve your results

Maximum 12 participants
Duration: 1 day


All participants must take a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 questionnaire